Contactless IR Thermal Temperature Scanner By Skroman Switches Pvt. Ltd Now Launched In India

To fight the COVID-19 crisis in India, Skroman Switches Pvt. Ltd. have launched ITTS 20 which is India’s first Contactless Infrared Thermal Temperature Scanner.

Neel Raju Nalawade

June 17, 2020



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To fight the ongoing COVID-19 crisis in India, Skroman Switches Pvt. Ltd. in association with Pelican Telecom Pvt. Ltd. have launched ITTS 20 which is India’s first Contactless Infrared Thermal Temperature Scanner with IoT based mobile app. This product is completely made in India and can be used at entry points of various establishments. The scanner detects a person’s body temperature and sends alerts on a mobile device along with maintaining records of temperatures and the good part is it requires absolutely no human contact.
With ITTS 20, it would be easier for Temples, Schools, Offices, Malls, and other public places to ensure safety and prevent the spread of this virus.

The ITTS 20 is also equipped with advanced features to fulfill each of your requirements. This device will detect a person’s body temperature and manage entry points without requiring any operator. It is connected in such a way that even after the employee shows their smart card/fingerprint, the ITTS 20 scanner still does not allow the door to be opened unless the body temperature of the person is within the permissible limit. If it finds temperature to be more, the door does not open and a loud buzzer is triggered, thereby alerting people around.  Along with this, an alert will also be sent on a mobile device. Moreover, the mobile app will also maintain the temperature records that can be used for analysis. In case of no power supply, the ITTS 20 also operates on batteries. Its mobile app is available on Google Play Store/Apple App Store. (ANI).

“Various establishments will now start their operations by following various safety measures – one of which is thermal scanning of people entering the premises. An Indian brand with such a high-quality product will help establishments execute safety measures in a very effective manner,” said Pranit Parekar.

The recent IR Thermometers available in the market are mostly imported from China and give highly inaccurate findings. Moreover, they need a human resource to use such devices; multiplying the risk of contamination.

They defeat the purpose of prevention since the human resource scan temperatures from close distances and social distancing is not maintained which increases the risk of contamination. On the other hand, the ITTS 20 devices can be used at all kinds of establishments including Temples, Schools, Offices, showrooms, housing societies, manufacturing units, stores, supermarkets, theatres, hospitals, hotels and commutation services. These devices ate easy to install, contactless, efficient, sensitive, and specific and most importantly it is ‘Made in India’.

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