Congress President Sonia Gandhi Criticizes Narendra Modi’s Government Over Its Failure To Tackle COVID-19 Second Wave

Read to find out what Congress President Sonia Gandhi had to say about the management of the second wave of coronavirus by Narendra Modi led government.

Tanvi Rumale

April 30, 2021

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Congress President Sonia Gandhi recently spoke to the media and answered many questions. Former Congress President and her son, Rahul Gandhi tested positive for the coronavirus, just a day after former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh tested positive for the same. She said that Rahul Gandhi has been doing better and is being monitored and that she is worried about everyone who is suffering from the virus. She openly criticised the Modi government for its failure to tackle the Covid-19 second wave as they had one year to prepare for it.

She reportedly said that the Modi government must understand that the coronavirus is not a You vs Us problem but an Us vs Corona problem. She called the covid response by the Modi government a complete disaster and said that they were completely unprepared even though they were warned last year by many parliament committees to take measures and stay prepared for a second wave. She mentioned that the second wave has become as bad or even worse than the coronavirus situations in Europe and in America.

She criticised the government for not giving the people of India Rs 6000 income that was promised and also talked about how no new facilities were being built for beds, oxygen and other resources. She also criticised the government for exporting essential resources like oxygen to other countries and causing a shortage for it in India itself.

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Rahul Gandhi also recently took to Twitter to criticise the vaccine makers and the government for highly-priced vaccines in the country:

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Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi wrote an emotional letter about the coronavirus to console the citizens of India. Read the letter here:

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