Comedy Couple: Zoya And Deep’s Romantic Moments That Made Us Believe In The Magic of Love

The cutest most romantic moments between Zoya and Deep, played by Shweta Basu Prasad and Saqib Saleem, from Comedy Couple, made us all believe in the essence of true love.

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November 12, 2020


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Saqib Saleem & Shweta Basu Prasad are eminent young actors in the Hindi film industry who have been performing great roles in various films for a while now. The duo starred as a couple in the new ZEE5 Original Film, Comedy Couple. Shweta starred as Zoya Batra and Saqib as Deep Sharma in the film, where they were a stand-up comedy duo and real-life lovers. With their super-hit comedy acts stealing the hearts of their on-screen audience, Shweta and Saqib also managed to make the film’s real-life audience believe in the magic of true love with their sweetest romantic moments from the film.

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At the beginning of the film, instead of Zoya, Deep cracked a religious joke about ‘gomutra’ (cow’s pee) despite knowing that it could bite him in the back later, which it did. He ended up going to jail and even gulping down an entire glass of it after someone filed a case against him about the joke. Although he did bring it up later in frustration, he did not complain while gulp it down.

Any time that Zoya’s single mother underestimated Deep, Zoya stood up for him. She even expressed how his tiny little gestures meant the world to him. Zoya pointed out that Deep once made so many complaints about a pizza place after they put olives in her pizza, that they ended up giving them countless free orders. We love someone understanding our food-needs, don’t we?

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Deep was seen waking up only to prepare Zoya’s coffee and chilling it for her, as she liked it cold in the mornings. Deep went back to bed right after, and we saw Zoya wake up to prepare his morning tea. Remembering to do these little things for our significant other makes them feel special and both of them admitted it throughout the film.

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Another cute instance from the film was when Zoya proposed to Deep with her hairband instead of a real ring when they faced trouble while renting out an apartment as a live-in couple. And even after she called off the court marriage, Deep did not fail to melt our hearts. When Zoya chugged down her own beer, without any hesitation, Deep let her have his beer too.

After many ups & downs in their relationship, the couple separated briefly. However, in the end, Zoya went back to support one of Deep’s stand-up acts and cheered the crowd. At the realisation, Deep ended up apologising to her for his mistakes in front of the whole crowd and the couple reunited. The film is full of these little moments that made us believe in the magic of love so gently.

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