Comedy Couple: How Deep And Zoya Show Diverse Representation Of Today’s Youth In This Film

The story of Comedy Couple has various elements that can make us feel related to it, one of them being the classic representation of the diverse youth of our country today.

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November 11, 2020

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ZEE5 recently released a ZEE5 Original film Comedy Couple, starring the famous actors Saqib Saleem and Shweta Basu Prasad, in the lead. The film revolves around the lives of the young urban couple, Zoya and Deep, who are on-stage stand-up comedians performing together and a couple in a live-in relationship. Both Zoya and Deep have distinct personalities and have respective friends who are very different from each other. The film, Comedy Couple, has very well represented the diverse personalities, goals, outlooks, and lifestyles of the present youth of India.

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comedy couple
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Deep Sharma, played by Saqib Saleem, has a recurring problem of lying about almost every other thing to his family, Zoya, and pretty much every other person in his life. He is a bumbling liar and chooses to not disclose the truth for as long as he can possibly play out the lie which makes it evident that he has major confrontational issues. According to him, lying his way in and out of things is a perfectly okay solution to resort to while going through life, which he clearly expresses to Zoya during a frustrated meltdown.

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Comedy Couple
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Zoya, who is played by Shweta Basu Prasad, is the daughter of a single mother. She is aware of the fact that her father left them when she was younger because he was a weak man. She is very close to her mom and they share everything about their lives with each other. Zoya also knows that she is sure of how she feels about her relationship with Deep and does not back down from defending it when her mother questions it time and again.

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comedy couple
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Shweta moves into her friend, Aditi’s place when she has trouble finding an apartment with Deep. Aditi portrays the character of a very responsible young woman living by herself, in the film. Aditi is a calm, composed but bold woman, who agrees with Zoya’s mother that a woman performing alone on a stage is a powerful statement to make. She also supports her friend at all times and never backs down from giving her a reality check when Zoya needs it.

Aadar Malik from The Comedy Couple on ZEE5
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Lastly, Deep’s friend, Rohan, who the former moves in with temporarily when Zoya and he are kicked out of the first apartment, represents the typical example of a perennially high friend we all seem to have encountered at least once in our lives. Rohan is a laid-back guy who is almost always high on something and hardly has life together. His apartment has toilet issues, looks dark and dusty, hardly ever has any fresh food and has endless bottles of alcohol lying around.

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