Comedy Couple: Deep Sharma’s Struggles With His Father Are A Perfect Example Of Every Indian Baap-Beta Relationship

Comedy Couple’s Deep Sharma, who has a recurring habit of lying, faces the typical struggles in his relationship with his father, that we know every Indian father-son duo does. Have a look!

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November 13, 2020

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The ZEE5 Original film Comedy Couple which recently released on ZEE5 revolves around the lives of Deep Sharma and Zoya Batra. The duo who are in a live-in relationship and perform stand-up comedy acts together as well, hail from very different family backgrounds. While Zoya is the daughter of a progressive and single mother who is a painter and currently lives in Paris, Deep has grown up in a relatively conservative family with his parents. Here’s why Deep’s relationship with his father perfectly reflects the generational gap a lot of father-son duos face in India.

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Deep Sharma’s parents are pure vegetarians who stopped talking to him for over a month when he first confessed to them that he had consumed chicken while he was in college. Due to this, he began lying to them about it & got into the habit of lying. He used the same strategy about his decision to leave his six-figure salary job to do stand-up comedy. He hid it from them. His father continued believing that Deep works in a corporate firm. This results in huge trouble for Deep later, when his father finds out from television news that he is a stand-up comedian.

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Deep ends up removing all his pictures with Zoya when his parents arrive at his apartment. When asked why the bare wall had multiple nails in it, Deep lied to his father saying he had ordered photo frames of Indian freedom fighters. Although the earlier hung up photos were of him and the girl he loved, Deep had to pretend to have the values of his father in his presence. We all know a few friends who keep their relationships a secret from their fathers, do we not?

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Before Deep had opened the door to his parents, he ended up having to hide all the empty alcohol bottles lying around. Deep also awkwardly lied to his father about Zoya’s underwear saying it belonged to the woman living upstairs and must have fallen off her balcony.

Belonging to a conservative family, Deep’s also struggles to confess to his parents that he is in fact in love with a girl. While reaching his apartment, Deep practices how he should begin the conversation with him about it. Upon reaching, Deep faces an angry father who has found out everything through the news. Deep tries explaining to his parents that he wants to do stand-up comedy. He also tells them about his relationship with Zoya. But after hearing everything, his father ends up not talking to him for a while. Later, Deep’s mother calls him to tell him that she found his father listening and giggling to one of his stand-up acts. These little instances are a perfect replication of many desi father-son duos in India!

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