Comedy Couple: 5 Things About Deep And Zoya’s Relationship That Will Make Sense To Every Couple Working Together

Zoya and Deep are the successful stand-up comedy couple in the new ZEE5 Original film. Here are 5 things that they taught us about relationships.

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November 9, 2020

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Comedy Couple was recently released on the OTT platform of ZEE5 as a ZEE5 Original film. Comedy Couple stars Saqib Saleem as Deep Sharma and Shweta Basu Prasad as Zoya Batra who are lovers in real-life and stand-up comedians by profession. The duo who achieve popularity with couple acts at stand-up comedy has their ups and downs in the relationship throughout the film. However, there are quite a few crucial things that Deep and Zoya teach us about relationships from their journey of love and life.

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1. Standing up for your significant other

In the film Comedy Couple, Zoya, who has grown up with only her mother, experiences some criticising from her regarding Deep. But Zoya never fails to correct her when she speaks wrongly of Deep or their relationship. Zoya stands up for Deep and constantly tries to even convince her mother that they work together really well in both, their personal and professional lives.

Comedy Couple
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2. Remember that little things count

In a morning sequence after Deep and Zoya manage to finally rent out an apartment in the film, Deep is seen waking up to go make a cup of coffee for Zoya and keeps it in the refrigerator knowing she likes her coffee cold. He goes back to bed. Eventually, when Zoya wakes up, she proceeds to go prepare a hot cup of tea for Deep as that’s what he prefers. Both remember the tiny things that the other likes and do it for them as a sign of love.

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Comedy Couple
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3. Honesty really is the best policy

Deep, who has a problem of compulsively lying his way through life, faces trouble when they pile up. It begins with him lying to his parents about not eating non-vegetarian foods during Diwali. Eventually, he ends up in a massive fight with Zoya when she learns that he never even told his parents about their relationship.

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Comedy Couple
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4. Rushing into anything will not help

In the film, Zoya and Deep face one of the current urban problem that many others do in today’s age – the struggle of finding a home as a live-in couple. Trying to solve this issue, they decide to get married in a court in a couple of days with no family members present. But Zoya eventually figures that this is not the right way to solve their problem and calls it off.

Comedy Couple
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5. Forgiveness is the key

When Deep ends up taking his frustration out on Zoya after his parents find out about all his lies, he makes the mistake of commenting on the character of Zoya’s mother in the film. A furious Zoya storms out on him and they end up developing a lot of distance between them. But Zoya eventually makes her way back to Deep and forgives him when she realises they both belong together.

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