Comali: This Kajal Aggarwal-starrer is a nostalgic tour for the 90’s kids

An absolute rib-tickling rollercoaster, Comali will take you back to the 90s and cannot be missed. Watch on ZEE5.

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December 6, 2020


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An absolute treat for the 90’s kids, Comali is a must-watch for all those looking to reminisce the golden era. Comali revolves around Ravi, played by Jayaram Ravi, a young boy who’s lost 16 years of his life on a bed because of an accident. He wakes up and eventually finds out that he is the heir to a royal family and that the idol that he gifted to his crush Nikitha, played by Samyuktha Hegde, is now worth crores.
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The movie starts with a journey back to the 90’s. From the telephone directories to book cricket, it doesn’t miss anything from that decade.

Ravi, a teenager, falls in love with Nikitha and confesses his love for her one fine day. Owing to his misfortune, it is the very day that a few thugs think of killing their enemy. Ravi and Nikitha happen to be there at that very moment and so the thugs take away the idol that Ravi had given to Nikitha while confessing his feelings for her. After that, he is hit by a truck and falls in front of a car only to wake up 16 whole years later. Life has moved ahead, and his sister is married to his school time best friend, Mani. Mani takes care of Ravi all these years.

He thinks of getting his life on track by getting married. He meets Rithika Mohan played by Kajal Agarwal on a matrimonial site and decides to go on a date with her where he misunderstands her pout for an invitation to kiss and kisses her. She thinks of him as a pervert but Ravi’s sister clears that confusion. By then he agrees for a job as a watchman where he encounters the idol yet again only to find out that he actually represents a royal family, and also that the thug who took that idol is now an MLA. What happens next is the story that Comali tells.

Pradeep Ranganathan makes an exceptional debut with Comali. You will find yourself laughing with every scene in the movie, especially because of the chemistry that Yogi Babu and Jayram Ravi share. The performances by everyone, be it Samyuktha Hegde as Nikitha or Kajal Aggarwal as Rithika Mohan, will captivate you throughout the movie-watching experience. Hip-Hop Tamizha’s music will take you to the 90s and be trendy at the same time. All of this put together makes Comali the best movie to watch with your family this weekend.
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