Comali: 9 reasons why this Kajal Aggarwal starrer needs to be your next weekend-binge

From its music to performances, here are a few reasons why Comali is a film you can’t miss. Watch it on ZEE5 on December 4.

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December 2, 2020


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From its comical scenes to the raving music, Jayaram Ravi, Samyuktha Hegde and Kajal Aggarwal starrer Comali is a must-watch for so many reasons! Here is a list of nine reasons that the Hip Hop Tamizha musical makes for an awesome family weekend binge.

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1) A laugh riot

The movie is packed with scenes that will make you roll on the floor laughing. For an instance, there is a point where one of the characters hands out four rupees for a water bottle and asks the guy to return the change. In times like these, we understand how much the world has changed over just two decades.

2) A commentary on our society

The mankind has undergone much evolution, but some values and sentiments remain unchanged. Take our deep regards for the ancestors and the things we do for love, for example.  Comali, while showing how the world was, also shows how we are still the same in some ways. Watching the Jayaram Ravi comical is a good reminder of things we haven’t lost out on, yet.

3) A glimpse of how life was

From inflation to technological advancements, the world has seen it all in the last 20 years. If you do not remember the transformation, Comali is right here to remind you about it. When Ravi dresses up, he reminds us of the changes in the fashion industry. There are several scenes like that that put our society in perspective

4) Jayaram’s performance

Jayaram somehow nails playing a 16-year-old and a man in his 3os at the same time. He also remains us that he is stuck in another generation while exploring this one. From his body language to expressions, he does his best and reminds us of his perfect comic timing yet again.

5) The chemistry between Yogi Babu and Jayaram

Yogi Babu and Jayaram are both fabulous actors that you can not praise enough. However, when it comes to their chemistry, Comali will convince you that they are close friends in real life too. The blockbuster could have fallen flat if not for their camaraderie and this is why you will feel like revisiting the film again and again.

6) Samyuktha Hegde’s performance

Time and again, Samyuktha has proven to us that she is a fantabulous performer and dancer. Kollywood was eager to see her in a role such as this where she proves her acting skills yet again. Her comic timing is flawless and she shares great chemistry with anyone that she shares the screen with at that point.

7) A perfect Kajal Aggarwal

If she hasn’t stolen your heart yet, she will do it with Comali. From pretty smiles to expressive eyes, the actress has given the movie her all. However, she isn’t just about the beauty and will also prove to you that she deserves all the praises for her role as Rithika.

8) Perfect family movie

While the internet is suffering from the scarcity of family-friendly content, Comali is a movie that you can watch with your whole family while bonding with them. Comali is the perfect movie for you to grab your popcorn buckets and binge-watch with your loved ones for the weekend nights.

9) The music

If it is a Hip-Hop Tamizha musical, we know that it will be stuck in our heads for weeks to come. From Paisa note to the Comali background score, the music elevates the whole experience of Comali. Music is one of the many reasons that Comali just cannot be missed.

Watch the movie premiering on December 4, 2020, only on ZEE5!

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