Comali: 6 times Kajal Aggarwal stole the show and made it a must-watch

With every scene in Comali, Kajal Aggarwal steals the show. Here is a list of six instances when she elevates the story.

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December 9, 2020


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With Comali, we get one of the most hilarious movies of the year. All performances in Comali were rib-ticking and captivating but what doesn’t come as a surprise is all the times Kajal Aggarwal stole the show. Here is a list of few moments where Kajal Aggarwal made Comali a must-watch, thanks to the unbeatable humour.

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1)  When Ravi asked her the price of the paintings

After she employs Ravi as a security guard at her museum, Ravi stops her before she leaves and asks her the price of the paintings that he made when he was a child. She deals with the situation sarcastically and tells him that he would be paid a whole Rs 200. This makes the already funny scene even more hilarious.

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2) When she records Ravi giving an emotional speech

Without anyone noticing, Rithika records Ravi giving an ode to the time that passed by in the 90s and puts it on his YouTube channel which later earns him a fortune since it goes viral. Not only does she do it discretely enough for the other characters in the scene to not notice it but even makes sure that the audiences miss it, leading to the big reveal at the end.

3) When she tells Ravi about his own family 

If you were not convinced that she was the smartest of the lot, the fact that she knew more history about Ravi’s family than Ravi itself would definitely seal the deal. She starts narrating what his royal dynasty was like, captivating everyone’s attention. Rithika from Comali is the definition of beauty with brains.

4) When she cuts Ravi before he can ask more questions

When Rithika orders for button cameras for her laptop, Ravi is astonished and is curious about how and when it will arrive. He starts asking hilarious questions like what if the net banking does not work and what if the delivery boy learns about their plans. She stops him before he can annoy her and tells him that it will arrive without any problems.

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5) When she encourages Ravi’s idea

When Nikitha’s husband, the doctor, burns the negative of the photos, Ravi is forced to think of the extremes and tells them that he plans on stealing the idol from Dharmaraju. Before he can ask for any one’s opinion, he asks Rithika if it realistic and she encourages him with his plan and tells him about the direction it should be executed in.

6) When she uses the lingo that Ravi taught her

If it weren’t for Comali, we would not have known one of the most hilariously innovative ways to address our loved ones. No one but Kajal could have nailed addressing anyone as ‘Dar’, short for darling and ‘Dir’ which is short for dear. It is quirky moments like these that make the movie more memorable.

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