Climate Clock In New York Shows Time Left To Save Our Earth

The Climate Clock installation in New York’s Union Square shows that we have seven years before our planet heats up by 1.5 degrees Celsius

Raghav N

September 22, 2020

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Climate activists in New York have installed a Climate Clock at the Union Square in the city as a reminder for people to make the right changes for our environment, before the damage is irreversible.

The large clock reveals that we have only seven years, 102 days and seven hours to save the world. This refers to the time before we burn the climate budget, that is the quota of greenhouse gases which can be burnt before the earth permanently heats up by 1.5 degree Celsius. While the number may seem small, the impact according to environmental experts can be drastic.

The installation, which will be up till 27 September is displayed as a part of the Climate Week, an international summit involving New York City and the United Nations.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) researchers have continuously been observing the Earth and revealed recently, that the magnetosphere layer is thinning. This will eventually lead to the sun’s harmful rays penetrating through planet easily. The Earth’s surface has been consistently warming up, with the maximum change observed in the last two decades.

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