Claps For Miles: When Ashutosh Rana Made The Crowd Cheer Up By Reciting A Beautiful Poem

Check out how Ashutosh Rana is engaging with the crowd through his beautiful poem.

Aditi Sharma

February 25, 2021

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Actor Ashutosh Rana is well known for his poetic skills. The actor loves writing poems and he is often seen reciting poems at events and in interviews. Of late, a video of him reciting a poem about soldiers is doing rounds on the internet. In the video, Rana is talking about how a country should not stand on the dead bodies of soldiers.

Ashutosh Rana is spotted reciting a poem on a stage in an event. The actor’s poem is about the soldiers and how the spirit of patriotism is not just about praying for the nation but also about the soldiers and martyrs who gave up their lives for the country. The crowd is seen clapping for Rana as he recites his poem. People are also seen cheering up for the actor as he recites the poem.

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Earlier, in a reality show, Ashutosh Rana revealed that he recited a poem to confess his love for his wife Renuka Sahane. The actor said that after meeting Sahane at a film set, they exchanged phone numbers and for three months, they talked on the phone.

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The couple celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary in March 2020 and Ashutosh wrote a few beautiful lines of poetry for her. “You are my love requests, you are the meaning of life. You are my highest consciousness, and you are the extension of it. Forever yours, thank you from my heart,” he wrote.

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