Cinderella Review: A Tale Of Finding Love And One’s True Self

From hardships to happily ever after, the story of Cinderella is a motivation for sure. Watch this classic loved by people of all ages on ZEE5 KIDS.

Kenneth Carneiro

June 9, 2020


3 min


A movie is called a classic when its story and lessons defy the tides of time. Similarly, Cinderella’s charming story has been told and retold across generations. Children and adults adore the tale, not just because of its magical world where dreams come true, but because the story also inspires one to believe in themself and tells the evildoers that no matter what, good people succeed in the end. ZEE5 brings to you this much-loved classic in an animated series to add to your #NonStopBachFUN.

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The evergreen story of Cindrella is that of a girl with the same name. Her father leaves her in the care of her evil stepmother, who plans on making Cinderella’s life miserable. She is given all the household chores while all her privileges are stripped away. Her only friends were two mice, Gus and Jaq. Cinderella’s life takes a turn when the invitation for the royal ball comes to her doorstep. Of course, her stepmother plots a plan for her to be left alone and instead takes her stepsisters to the ball. 

Finally, after seeing the injustice, Cinderella’s fairy Godmother comes to her rescue. With the help of a little bit of magic, she gives her the perfect dress and wagon but tells her that she must return home by midnight or the magic would fade away. With this new appearance, Cinderella visits the ball. The prince enchanted by her beauty falls in love with her. But before he can speak about his feelings, fate intervenes and Cinderella has to rush back home while leaving one of her glass slippers. The prince along with the slipper runs around the town to find the girl he met at the ball. The mishaps that follow is the crux of this story. Will they end up together or not? That is the question.

The story of Cinderella subtly conveys the real meaning of being brave and patient. Despite being tortured by her stepmother and sisters, she never meant ill. These are the qualities that make a person strong. While we may not have a fairy godmother to rescue us, we must be brave just like Cinderella. And if we are brave, we will be able to seize the moment and grab the opportunities similar that come our way.

A simple children’s tale has so much more to look into and understand. And the people who can go beyond the story to find the meaning of its essence take the most out of a movie than viewing experience.

So enjoy Cinderella’s story with her struggles, hopes, fun and magic and many other heartwarming tales, only on ZEE5!   

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