Chyler Leigh Is Returning As Little Grey On Grey’s Anatomy And Now Everyone Wants Mark Sloan.

Grey’s Anatomy is having a big reunion party by making Meredith Grey hang out with her dead friends and husband on a magical beach. After George and Derek Shephard, it’s now time for Chyler Leigh, who played Lexie Grey to return as well. But Twitterati also wants Mark Sloan, Eric Dane, in the mix.

March 26, 2021


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Lately, Meredith Grey has been having a reminiscing time on Grey’s Anatomy. She is having a hearty chat with her dead friends and husband on a magical beach. Mc Dreamy Derek Shephard, the love of Meredith’s life, reunited with her as well and the whole world took a deep sigh. Now, the latest promo shows the return of Little Grey or Lexie, one of the most loved and pampered characters on the show. The video shows her having a chat with her half-sister Meredith. While Twitter users are excited to know that, they are obviously seeking more which means Mc Steamy Marc Sloan, Eric Dane, as well. Ellen Pompeo Explains Her Long Grey’s Anatomy Stint: ‘Made a Decision to Make Money, and Not Chase Creative Acting Roles’

Grey’s Anatomy: Chyler Leigh To Return As Little Grey, Twitterati Now Wants Mark Sloan Eric Dane Back As Well (Watch Video)

Lexie was everyone’s favourite in the series. When Meredith warmed up to her half-sister when she joined the hospital as the new batch of doctors, they were inseparable. She has been a very protective elder sister. Even Derek Shephard wanted to save her from the player Mark Sloan, his best friend when he realised Lexie was falling for him. But the chemistry was inevitable and Lexie and Mark became one of the hottest couples on the show. So it’s only obvious that fans are asking for a Sloan return too.

First, check out the new promo here…

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Here comes the reactions…

Demanding on gun point, the Wanda way!

When, where, how? 

True…what’s the point of Grey’s Anatomy without Mc Steamy?

Ah…what a paradise it would be

Okayyy…somebody is getting aggressive here. ABC are you reading this?

Lexie was the first life that was lost in the deadly plane crash of season eight’s finale. That broke everyone’s heart into pieces as Mark and she were getting more romantic. Mark never recovered from her death and for us, Grey’s Anatomy was never the same again.

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