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Churails: The Real Stories Of Women Who Empowered Each Other

Janhvi Sharma

August 19, 2020

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Saluting these women and their will to empower others along with themselves!

Churails is the first original web series from Zindagi and will start streaming on Zee 5 from August 11, 2020. A series that showcases women as heroes, helping each other up in tough times and fighting together as a team against their cheating husbands who are violent and abusive and egoistic. Much like the women in the show, there are women in real life who not only speak up against injustice but also help empower other women around them who fall prey to any kind of ill-treatment.

Here are some real-life examples:

1.Maya Vishwakarma

source: google

Popularly known as the ‘Padwoman of India’.

At the age of 36, she quit her job and started the Sukarma Foundation in 2016, to create awareness around menstruation, promote the importance of using sanitary napkins and busting the stigma and myths around it.



2.Rukmini Rao


source: google

Dr Rukmini Rao’s group, Saheli, was established in 1981 to help women facing domestic violence, through social, economic and legal support.

3.Chetna Sinha

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The Mann Deshi Bank, established by Mumbai-based Chetna Sinha in 1997, provides financial aid to rural women, making them truly empowered.

4.Sonal Kapoor

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In 2010, she founded Protsahan India Foundation, with a vision to eradicate women and child abuse, by breaking the intergenerational cycle of abuse and poverty in urban and rural India.

Women empowering other women is a practice rapidly growing inside the country, and in turn, helps give courage to a lot of women who are victims of various crimes.

Saluting these women and their will to empower others along with themselves!


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