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Christmas For Kids: 12 Animated Movies For Kids To Binge Watch This Holiday Season

Aditi Sharma

December 23, 2020

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With Christmas trees lightening up and mom baking the all-time delicious cookies, kids like to relax and enjoy their Christmas holidays. And while they relax, let them binge-watch these happy animated movies and #SpreadTheCheer.

Get ready kids! The season of jingle bells is coming around. With all the Christmas vibes, the best thing to treat your kids is with a movie night, right? A good cup of hot chocolate, a bowl of munchies, a cosy blanket and a feel-good animated movie – it’s a Merry Christmas indeed! So to eliminate your efforts where you search for a good animated movie for your kids, here’s a list of 12 animated movies available on ZEE5 that would be perfect for your movie night.

Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi

This fun fight between Vir and Mad Max is a treat to watch. Vir is the greatest player in the city and everyone admires him for that but Mad Max envies him and thinks he is the best. He sends Timbaktoo first but Vir defeats Timbaktoo. Mad Max then decides to face Vir himself but gets defeated. He then meets Mr Maskcutta who is good at changing faces. He disguises as Vir and tries to spoil the image of Vir but again gets exposed.

Planes with Brains

Get your kids to learn about Planes with Vroomer and Gumdrop. Vroomer, the latest member of Plane Scout Crew goes on a mission with commander Gumdrop and they meet a robot in the sky who tells them all the amazing things about planes. This one is for those who are obsessed with planes!

Simba Junior in New York

Kids love watching movies based on animals as the animation is more exciting and they relate to it as they have seen these animals before. In Simba Junior in New York, Winner the dog is kidnapped and taken to New York City by a woman who thinks he is lost in the jungle. But thanks to Arbor, the tree, Simba jr. and other friends who manage to follow Winner’s trail.

Gladiators – The Conspiracy 

Emperor Adrian, old and sick, chooses his grandson Marcus, Domitia’s child, as his successor on the throne. But Catilius, the wicked and Adrian’s counsellor, wants to kill the child to take his place in the Empire. See how this tale of power and conspiracy ends up on a good note yielding a good moral out of the story.


Join Kibit and his friends as they dance to kids’ favourite sing-a-longs like Old MacDonald, Twinkle Twinkle. Kids of all ages will love to dance along and have fun as they watch Beavers, Frogs, Bees, Bunnies and other amazing creatures show off their dancing skills. This is a perfect way to let your kids shake a leg seeing their favourite cartoon characters on the TV.


Elaan-E-Jung is the second part of Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi. In this movie, Vir will fight Mad Max’s friends – Timbaktoo, Cat Mona and later Blob which looks like an octopus. However, Mad Max has too many soldiers with him and again sends Robotics rats, Mr Crook, Magneto, Robotic Tree but eventually, Vir defeats all of them leaving Mad Max completely frustrated.


Ramayan is a ZEE5 series which talks about the greatest mythological story. Lord Rama, son of King Dashrath was sent into exile for 12 years and was accompanied by wife Sita and brother Laxman. Sita is then taken away by Ravana, The King of Lanka. Soon, a war takes place between Ram & Ravana. Hanuman, who is a worshiper of Ram joins him with his monkey warriors. One should not miss this epic story that helps us to understand the world in a better way. Telling kids about the Indian culture in a more fun way is all you need this Christmas.

Love U Ganesha

Who doesn’t love a good story about Lord Ganesha? Well, we all do. Love U Ganesha is one such good movie about Lord Ganesha where he teaches the lesson of hard work and intelligence to his friend Chintu. Chintu is a student who always looks for shortcuts and complains Lord Ganesha when he does not succeed in his tasks. One day, Lord Ganesha comes to his room and helps him but Chintu thinks he is doing his work by shortcuts, however, this is not the case. Watch the movie to know more about Chintu and Lord Ganesha’s friendship.

Monsters and pirates

Kids love sceneries and good visuals of seas and oceans, Monsters and pirates is one such movie where kids would learn about courage and friendship through a treasure hunt. It is the tale of finding the legendary treasure of Captain Barracuda. It is an enchanting adventure in the seas of the fantasy, searching of the legendary treasure of Captain Barracuda.

Dinofroz –Dragon’s Revenge

The series depicts the adventures of Tom, a 12-year-old boy and his friends. In the movie, they play a board game in which they are teleported to the past where they can transform into dinosaurs using stones called Rockfroz. The movie is an engaging tale of games and adventures which will keep kids glued to their seats till the end.

Christmas in New York 

Christmas in New York is a  story about a jungle boy of the fifth oracle who travels to New York, with his talking dogs Winner and Fox, to find Father Christmas (Santa Claus) and helps many people along the way. This is a story with good moral and is a perfect watch for kids.

A Frozen Christmas

How about listening to some old Christmas tales with Santa? A Frozen Christmas is a movie where Santa and his elves settle down to tell a charming collection of the most beloved festive tales, including The Fir Tree and The Brave Tin Soldier. This movie will give you all the Christmas vibes to celebrate a Happy Christmas.

Looking forward to binge-watch these movies? Head on to the movies section of the ZEE5 app.

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