Christmas 2020: From Shyama’s memory to Apu’s dreams, can Santa grant our wishes for our favourite characters?

Here are some of our wishes for our favourite on-screen characters to be given to Santa!

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December 18, 2020


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The popular television shows like Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay, Krishnakoli, Aparajita Apu and more have several characters, events, twists and turns in their tale. Among them, we witness many things that we might not want happening to our favourite characters. So with the given season of Christmas approaching us all, we would like to give Santa Claus a small wishlist of the things we would absolutely love for our characters to have.

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1. Karna and Radhika rekindle their romance

Karna and Radhika have had several ups and downs in their relationship but it is evident how deeply in love with each other the two are. So we would absolutely love for Karna and Radhika to finally rekindle their romance, profess their love and win against all of their odds soon.

Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay
Source: ZEE5

2. End Shonali and Payel’s cruelty

Shonali, Joy’s mother, has continued to be an evil person in the life of Bably till now. Similarly, Payel has consistently caused countless troubles in Karna and Radhika’s life. If the two of them realised their mistakes and resolved to be better people, it would be a delight for everyone.

Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay
Source: ZEE5

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3. Shyama’s recollection of her memory

Shyama lost all her memories after a severe accident 18 years ago. To this day, she fails to recollect anything from her past. It would be a huge blessing for Krishna, Nikhil and her own self if she could regain her memory.

Source: ZEE5

4. Nikhil and Shyama’s reunion

Separated for over 18 years now, Nikhil and Shyama have succumbed to their individual sorrows. Despite being so close, they have not yet met each other fully. It would also mean that Krishna would finally find her father and Nikhil, her daughter, as they both want. We hope and wish that the two reunite soon so that their lives can attain some normalcy again and lost relationships can be mended.

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5. Munni’s arrogance

Although Munni’s troubling feelings are not her fault, we would still hope that the young-adult learns to be nicer to people and be more accepting of the world.

Source: ZEE5

6. Sunaina to spare the Choudhury family

Although Sunaina has not pulled off anything too drastic directly at the Choudhury household, her evil intentions are evident. She has already tried to cause trouble a few times but it would be great if she stopped herself before it got too late.

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7. Apu’s father’s ideals

Although Apu is a very liberal girl, her father has tremendously conservative beliefs, which cause several issues in the family. But Apu could be blessed with a better life ahead if she finally received the love and support from her father to follow her dreams.

Aparajita Apu
Source: ZEE5

8. Apu and Dipu to bond

Apu is a liberal and open-minded girl and Dipu seems to be a calm and understanding boy in general. So while Apu and Dipu have no labelled or solidified connection yet, we think they would make for a lovely couple.

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