Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Reese Witherspoon rank high on Twitter

Fans and netizens have taken to Twitter to have their own e-celebration to appreciate these actors


September 7, 2021


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Guess who are the most loved actors on Twitter as of today? It is Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Reese Witherspoon as per a curated study by TechShielder. Social media can be a positive space if it is led that way. In recent news from the entertainment industry, a well-curated list has come out that charts some of the most adored actors on social media, mainly Twitter. The list may not be a direct analysis from Twitter, but it is a moving example of how social media can run a positive course too.

The list is a result of a combination of positive tweets, shares, and responses on the actors’ Twitter handles. The Hollywood legend and Academy Award winner-actor, Reese Witherspoon, secured first place in the list with 69% share of positive tweets, followed by Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, with 63% share of positive tweets. With 62% each, Marvel’s Chris Evans and Karen Gillan were on the third and fourth list respectively. The list also features many well-known actors including Robert Downey Jr, Tom Hanks, and Blake Lively.

Appreciation by the fans

Fans and netizens have taken to Twitter to have their own e-celebration to appreciate these actors. The list may not have been official sourcing from Twitter but it has managed to garner a great response for the actors.

Reese Witherspoon, with husband Jim Toth, has recently signed in as co-executive producers for a 7th televised fundraising special by Stand Up To Cancer. Speaking work-wise, fans await Chris Hemsworth’s Taika Waititi’s Thor 4 which also stars Natalie Portman, Christian Bale in lead roles.

Chris Evans was recently part of a panel interview at “A Starting Point” which talked about the COVID-19 vaccine. Let us know in the comments section who do you find the most lovable amongst these!


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