Chocolate Day: Dark chocolate for Geet, milk chocolate for Radhika; flavours that represent our leading ladies!

From Mithai’s crunchiness to Radhika’s correct measure of sweetness, our favourite ladies represent chocolates like no other!

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February 9, 2021



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February is the season of love which brings with it the occasion of Valentine’s week, concluding in Valentine’s Day. February 9 marks the celebration of Chocolate Day and we could not help but wonder which of our favourite female characters would represent what type of chocolate. While on one hand, we have the lively and noisy little Mithai, we also have an extremely calm and sweet Shyama. The observation turned out to be an interesting one!

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1. Dark Chocolate- Geet

Jamuna Dhaki’s Geet, played by Chandni Saha, is the perfect representation of dark chocolate and we are sure you would agree. She surely has a very sharp tongue and might come off as too bitter initially, just like the taste of dark chocolate. However, Geet also has a lovely sweeter side to her personality which only a few are lucky enough to know how to relish. Now, did that ring any bells for you about dark chocolate?

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2. Crunchy and nutty – Mithai

Mithai, essayed by Soumitrisha Kundu,  is truly crunchy to her core. While her intent is to please and help others flawlessly, she ends up making a lot of noise in the process. And that is one of the most noticeable features of any crunchy, crackly or nutty piece of chocolate. A little unruly, but sweet and just as pleasing to the tongue – that’s our Mithai for you!

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3. Fruit and nut – Apu

The fruit and nut flavoured ones are usually a little sour and somewhat differently textured than just the plain old sweet chocolates. Although they might be slightly tartish here and there, they still go back to providing cherishable sweetness. And Aparajita Apu’s Apu, played by Susmita Dey, is just that. A sweet, respectful and loving woman who turns mildly sour at the slightest hint of misbehaviour or bias. Needless to say, we love this combination.

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4. White Chocolate – Shyama

Krishnakoli’s Shyama, played by Tiyasha Roy, is like a good old bar of white chocolate. She provides nothing but the sweetest, calmest and smoothest of conversations and is never in conflict with others. Have you ever had white chocolate cause you any coarseness in your experience? We doubt it.

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5. Milk Chocolate – Radhika Sen

Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay’s Radhika Sen, helmed by Swastika Dutta, is so similar to milk chocolate, it’s unbelievable! She is not too sweet to the point where she tolerates injustice but offers the utmost care possible and affection to her loved ones. A perfect blend of outspoken yet tactful about the complexities of life and people’s taste buds – Radhika Sen and milk chocolate go hand in hand. Do you agree?

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