Chocolate Boy Charmer To Salt-And-Pepper Greek God: An Ode To Birthday Boy R. Madhavan

It’s that time of the year again when we live, we scream, we laugh, we cry. It’s the day we celebrate as our happiness. It’s our Maddy’s birthday!

Sneha Bale

June 1, 2019


3 min


This one is from us, all the fangirls, to you, the man behind our smiles. It doesn’t matter to us anymore if you are called a writer, actor, film producer, superstar, Ranganathan Madhavan or R. Madhavan. To us you were, you are and you will always be our Maddy. We won’t let anyone tell us otherwise. You came from nothing and built an empire that the world cannot stop gawking at. But here’s tea. All we want to do is to keep staring at you… at that perfectly amazing you…

The fact that our love for you knows no bounds is known to you, too. Even when life was all binary and we hadn’t become ‘smart’, you had swept us off your feet. And at that age, our first time, of course, we fell hard. We fell for you! Hard enough that we haven’t recovered for the more than two-decade-old fall. And you know what? We blissfully will not recover. You taught us what falling in love feels like. You made us believe in the idea of love. Do you see all these unhappy relationships? That’s because you set really high standards for us. And guess what? Nobody can ever live up to those, except for you.

We don’t even want to complain. Because you are not replaceable. You have carved out a special place for yourself in millions of hearts. We remember your long hiatuses from the silver screen that you took so often after reigning as the chocolate boy in the ’90s. Most people considered you to be gone, for your time as the star to be over. But we knew, deep in our hearts, that you would come back with a bang that will make the world sit up straight and take notice. And you did. We’re sure you remember the dialogue in your film Guru Brahma when your on-screen shishya confesses her love to you. That’s the exact same conversation we have had in our heads over and over again, with you.

You may have given close to 50 hits across industries, may have made a mark multiple times, may have made people swoon endlessly over your salt-and-pepper perfection. But to us, you continue to remain the first man we fell in love with truly, deeply, crazily, madly, Maddy!

Happiest 49th, Maddy!

Yours truly,
Just another fangirl.

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