Chinese Apps Ban: PUBG Mobile May Come Back To India Soon

The PUBG corporation announced that it has broken all Chinese ties with Tencent Games for its franchise in India to make a comeback.

Jessica David

September 9, 2020

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In view of the recent ban imposed on PUBG Mobile by the Indian government, on Tuesday (September 8), the PUBG Corporation announced that it has broken all ties with Tencent Games for its PUBG Mobile franchise in India. This means that the app can now make a comeback in India considering its Chinese connection is now a thing of the past. The government earlier this week had banned PUBG Mobile and 117 other Chinese apps including Apus Launcher Pro, AppLock, WeChat Work, Baidu among others. Soon after the ban was announced, PUBG was removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

However, it has not been blocked by the internet service providers yet which means that the users who already have the app installed can still use it. This piece of news can be particularly delightful for users who have been lamenting the loss of PUBG ever since it was banned in India. However, whether the app will make a comeback in India or not, only the company or the government can confirm. PUBG Corporation said in a statement that PUBG Mobile will no longer be controlled by Tencent Games in India and the South Korean-company will take full control of all the publishing responsibilities.

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