Chinese Apps Ban: Know Cyber Expert Opinion On Boycott Of TikTok And 58 Others

Cybersecurity experts said that India’s ban on 59 Chinese apps will result in scrutiny of companies and device makers, which can trigger retaliatory attacks.

Jessica David

July 2, 2020

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The Indian government has increased a nationwide alert and stepped up monitoring as intelligence agencies prepare for intensified cybersecurity attacks from China. Cybersecurity experts said India’s ban on 59 Chinese applications was only the start and there will be greater scrutiny of companies, device makers and apps with exposure to China, which can trigger retaliatory attacks. A senior government official said that among all the sectors, power, telecom and financial services are being monitored even more closely, given their exposure to Chinese infrastructure.

Surveillance devices made in China that are used in government and private offices will be next on the radar, said Pavan Duggal, a Supreme Court advocate and cyber law expert. “In today’s economic climate, no one can afford physical wars. It is waged in the form of cyber, trade and potentially supply chain conflicts. Now, the companies that have funding from Chinese investors will be under scrutiny, especially tech platforms,” said Siddharth Vishwanath, Leader, Cybersecurity at PwC India.

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