China’s Territorial Aggression Creates Headache For Several Global Economies

China is trying to capture and show its dominance over many neighbouring territories with its strong military power.

Neel Raju Nalawade

September 3, 2020

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China has caused a headache for many countries across the world. The nation has been continuously criticised for its territorial aggression, unfair religious practices and cyber crimes. According to the news reports, China has engaged in land disputes with around 20 nations. The country has already troubled the world by giving birth to the dangerous Coronavirus pandemic and is now trying to capture neighbouring territories with its strong military power. Currently, China is in border dispute with India and is continuously trying to invade and capture Indian territory.

Previously, it tried showing its right on the Philippines islands. Moreover, China does not share good relations with Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan and many more nations. Even after several warnings from world authorities, the nation continues improper behaviour causing a lot of disruption to world peace and trade relations.

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