China’s Territorial Aggression At Nepal Border Leads To Anger Among Nepali Congress Party

China continues its territorial aggression, encroaches upon 11 places along the Nepal border. Nepali Congress MPs raise their voice against government’s inaction.

The political tension between Nepal and China has been increasing because of the ongoing border dispute. China has been continuing its territorial aggression at the border. It has been constructing roads in Tibet in order to encroach on land in those regions. Reports also state that China has encroached upon over 11 places along the Nepal border which constitutes around 1400 km. The silence of Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has led to anger among the opposition party leader, who have raised their voices against the improper acts of China.

Three opposition MPs of the Nepali Congress have filed a petition demanding steps to take back lands encroached upon by China. Nepal has also raised the issue of Chinese encroaching on Nepali land in the Lower House of Parliament. China’s territorial aggression at the Nepal border has led to disputes among the Nepalese government.

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