China To Be World’s First Country To Ban All Synthetic Cannabinoid Substances

China will be imposing a class-wide ban for the second time in the nation soon, which will be on synthetic cannabinoids now.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

May 13, 2021

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Cannabinoids are laboratory-made drugs that are essentially designed to replicate the effects of cannabis. They can pose larger health risks to consumers. China is all set to become the first nation across the globe to ban these synthetic drugs. The ban will most likely come into effect from July 1, 2021, as China continues to work on curbing the trafficking of the drug.

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China is currently looking to curb the manufacturing, trafficking, and abuse of Cannabinoids. The nation recently declared that it will be adding to its list of banned drugs, all types of synthetic cannabinoid substances. Following the class-wide ban on fentanyl-related drugs in 2019, this marks the second such ban by the officials of China. Made in labs to have similar impacts as that of cannabis, Cannabinoids possess much higher health risks. Chinese authorities believe that more than eight thousand different types of synthetic cannabinoids are produced worldwide.

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While certain synthetic cannabinoid substances were produced within the nation, many others were also being smuggled inside from other countries. These substances were disguised to appear like the liquids used inside e-cigarettes. According to Chinese authorities, China has observed a drop in the number of drug users amongst its resident. The drop has been from around four million people to one million now, without any specific time frame mentioned. China’s ban on fentanyl-related drugs in 2019 had come after the former US president, Donald Trump, criticised them for allowing synthetic opioids to be shipped into the USA.

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