Children’s Day Special: 6 Films You Should Watch To Rekindle Those Childhood Emotions

Sneha Bale

November 12, 2019


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1. Bommarrillu

Children’s Day brings back a few lessons from history textbooks and a lot of memories. Now that the school days are long gone, we seem to have said goodbye to our spontaneity, excitement and innocence. Our lives are accelerated to meet targets and deadlines. This year marks the 130th birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru,  our beloved Chacha Nehru.

So, take a break from your busy schedule and watch a film or two that will bring back many memories. More importantly, these movies will remind you of the emotions that we once felt so strongly but now seem to be vanishing.

Bommarrillu starring Siddharth and Genelia never gets old. The film is about two youngsters who fall in love and try to convince their families to accept their relationship. But through the three hours, we see the delicate bonds between mother-son, friends, father-son, lovers, and the society in general. We remember feeling a rush of emotions while watching this film, from stupidity to adulthood, Bommarrillu is a gem that encapsulates everything.

2. Kotha Bangaru Lokam

We all talk about the rush of excitement that ran through veins when we first shook hands with “someone special”. But do you really remember what all that jazz felt like? Varun Sandesh and Shweta Basu‘s Kotha Bangaru Lokam will send the chills down your spine and butterflies in your stomach with its story.

3. Oh My Friend

Friendship is the greatest of all relationships and gender does not change anything! Growing up, we did not realise the value but know we know that a good friend can take us a long way ahead. The one film that reinforced our belief in true friendship has to be Siddharth and Shruti Haasan-starrer Oh My Friend. Ring your school-time BFF and binge-watch the movie together. Because times may have changed, school friends do not. Who knows? Your teenage-self might thank you later!

4. Brother Of Bommalli

Raise your hands if you tried to get your siblings into trouble just because you didn’t like them! But after watching Allari Naresh and Karthika Nair as twins in Brother of Bommalli, we all started developing the *little bit* of respect that they deserve. This children’s day have another pillow fight and play pranks with your sibling, just like the good old days.

5. Vinayukudu

Social media is always abuzz with various people talking about self-love, body shaming, body image issues and more. However, we did not have someone to tell us about it when we needed to hear it. No matter how “thin” or “fat” one was, people always had judgements to pass. Vinayukudu starring Krishnudu and Sonia opened our eyes to the reality. All you have to do is love yourself and the world will love you too!

6. Nava Vasantham

What was your first ambition? Astronaut? Scientist? Well, we all had high dreams but not everyone made it that far. And guess what, we have no complaints. But let’s be real. We all thought getting our dream job is a cakewalk. Tarun and Priyamani-starrer Nava Vasantham was the first to give a reality check on how difficult the world outside was. However, it also made us believe, if you work hard enough, you will make it.

Which film do you plan on watching and who is your special guest? Let us know below. For some drama, watch Gods Of Dharmapuri on ZEE5.

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