Children’s Day Special: 10 Pictures That Will Take Millennials Go Down The Memory Lane

Sneha Bale

November 14, 2019


1 min

1. Ice Pepsi

It’s 2019 and the generation that saw most of the transitions is now busy running errands and making the most of every minute. While Gen Z gets ready to reap the benefits of Chacha Nehru’s birthday, we thought it is important for Millenials to take a stroll down the memory lane. Enjoy!

Ice Pepsi is the best blast from the past. We all saved and stole money every once in a while to grab an ice Pepsi. Sometimes our parents allowed and sometimes we secretly rebelled for it. It was all totally worth it!

2. The 'Scenary'

Is it just us or do Gen Z kids still make scenery exactly like this picture? Our drawing classes and the times our folks asked us to draw the ‘scenery’. Two mountains, a sun, a tree, a water stream and a house – that’s all we understood for ‘scenery’.

3. Bongulu

Some times before dinners, our mother treated us with some happiness called ‘bongulu‘. We wore them on our fingers like evil witch’s nails. What was your creativity?

4. Smoking cigarette

As children, we were really impressionable. And it was the uncles around us who made many impressions. Eventually, smoking was considered to be cool. Thankfully, we found our ‘kick’ while smoking Phantom’s Sweet Cigarettes.

5. Back to school

Early June was a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, we were happy about hanging out with our friends. But on the other hand, we had to prepare to go back to school. One of the most tedious tasks had to be covering the notebooks with brown covers.

6. Makeshifting like a pro

Fridays for some and Saturdays for others were the days of “P.T” or Physical Training. The special uniform we had to wear was not the problem, it was the white canvas shoes that had to remain white. From chalks to special whiteners, we’ve done it all.

7. One for the fancy folks

Did you enjoy the luxury of writing your notes with these fancy ‘pen-pencils’? We never understood the idea behind naming it pen-pencil. Because it was more like bullets for writing.

8. A 'designer'

Technology is so advanced and yet we expect it to be better by the passing day. But back in our childhood, getting to see the computer turn on was magical. And using WordArt to type names was the fanciest and the most designer thing we knew.

9. The most real game

PS, Xbox, Nintendo, so on and so forth! They might be raking in high praise. But let’s not forget our roots. Playing Brick Games sitting in a corner was more prestigious than own a brand new phone.

10. Birthday treat

While we try to take a holiday our birthdays now. But back in school, we waited excitedly to go to school. So that we could flaunt our new clothes, skip classes and roam around the school distributing chocolates to everyone along with our best friend by our side.

Give us a shout out if you smiled going through these pictures. Stay tuned and watch Gods of Dharmapuri on ZEE5 next.

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