Chhota Bheem To Krishna Balram: Turn The Lockdown Into A Happiness Party With ZEE5 Kids

Catch up on the adventures of your favourite animated heroes like Bandbudh Budbak, Chhota Bheem, Krishna Balram and Bablu Dablu on ZEE5 Kids

Sneha Bale

April 9, 2020


3 min


With no summer camps and a huge cut down on playtime, keeping your kids at home can grow more and more difficult. And with that problem, the sanity of parents can be at a higher risk. If you, my dear parent, are wondering how to contain this wild piece of your heart, you are in luck. Because recently, ZEE5 announced it’s new and special Kids Section. Get them hooked, and continue with practising your zen life with ease.

The Kids Section on ZEE5 is all you need to click on to explore all the popular children’s shows, films and cartoons. After all, its tagline is ZEE5 Kids =NonStop BachFUN. Shows like Chhota Bheem, Krishna Balram, Bablu Dablu and Bandbudh Budbak are already available on ZEE5, at all times. Feeding them peacefully to keeping them silent is not a big deal anymore. Moreover, there are many lessons of life that your little rockstar can take away from these characters.

ZEE5 Kids
ZEE5 Kids

Chhota Bheem is a popular kid in his village, Dholakpur, who goes around solving mysteries and troubles of his people. His curiosity and righteousness is truly something that every kid must imbibe. Of course, his principles of friendship are great lessons too. Important values like brotherhood and the importance of standing up or voicing out opinions is what Krishna and Balram teach their young viewers.

ZEE5 Kids Shows
ZEE5 Kids Shows

A little mischief does not hurt anyone. And for all the times that kids try to avoid going to school, Bandbudh Aur Budbak will tell them the perks of being inside the school. Originally named Boonie bears, Bablu Dablu is the translated version of the Chinese show. Oh, did we mention? Most kids learn easier when they watch something. And these animated heroes will ensure that your heroes become strong people, too.

Check out the show here. You can now watch Thumbaa, a kid-friendly film on ZEE5 for free. You can also get all the live updates on Coronavirus on ZEE5 News Section.

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