Chembarathi: With Kalyani’s comeback to Thrichambarath in doubt, what could be Priyanka and Ganga’s next plan?

Priyanka and Ganga could come up with a new wicked plan to disrupt the harmony of Thrichambarath as Kalyani is now gone. Let’s see what the duo could be up to now.

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February 2, 2021



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In a recent episode of Chembarathi, we saw Krishnan explain Akhila her fault and criticise her for portraying Dasan as a thief before the family. This leads to guilt in Akhila’s mind and she decides to bring Dasan and family back to Thrichambarath. However, Dasan left for a reason, and it is improbable that he will agree to come back to the family because of Kalyani and Anand’s relationship. This irregularity has brought an opportunity for the wicked Priyanka and Ganga to plan something new in the meanwhile. Let’s see what they could be up to now.

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Akhila and the whole family wants Dasan to come back. The family travels to his house to get him back, but it remains a doubt as Dasan is aware of the problems that could arise if he chooses to come back. Kalyani will get back with Anand and it could lead to bigger issues. Akhila finding out about the duo’s secret relationship is the last thing Dasan wants now.

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Dasan’s loyalty is now in question as he will soon be forced to choose between obeying or disobeying Akhila. Without knowing the context of the situation, Akhila will force him and it will be up to Dasan to make a choice. Even if Dasan chooses to go back, there is a chance he might try and keep Kalyani away from the household. However, bigger problems might soon arise at Thrichambarath as Kalyani’s comeback is doubtful.

Priyanka has been plotting new plans for ages to destroy the family. It is after so long that she finally has a big opportunity in hand. From trying to bomb the place to kidnapping Krishnan, we all know how miserably she failed the last few times. Now, she has a once in a lifetime opportunity as Kalyani is finally out of the household.

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If Dasan chooses to disobey Akhila and stays put at his house, Ganga’s mission at Thrichambarath is partially done. In the scenario, the wicked sisters could next go against Nandana. Manipulating Nandana will be tough, but considering her old character, Nandana is perusable and her mind can be changed. Ganga could have a go at Nandana and put her against Akhila or even Aravind for some reason.

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If Ganga succeeds in such a plan, the path will be cleared for Priyanka to directly attack Akhila, who by then will have lost all support as Nandana and Kalyani won’t be by her side anymore. The coming few episodes will be intense and we will have to cap our curiosity and wait for what Priyanka and Ganga will do next.

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