Chembarathi: With Ganga’s change of mind, will Priyanka lose her beloved pawn?

Anand saves Ganga from police custody and it leads to a change in her attitude towards him. However, Priyanka is not happy with the event and claims that it is all part of Anand’s evil plan.

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April 6, 2021



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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, we saw a quick escalation in the story as Ganga talks positively about Anand for the first time. After having gotten herself arrested by the police, Ganga merely wished for someone to save her and as it turned out, Anand came to her rescue. Without knowing the cop had already contacted Anand about the same, Ganga believed that he had come looking for her. She even tells Priyanka about how she felt about Anand saving her for to which Priyanka replies by telling her that it all would have been a play set up by Anand in the first place.

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Although Ganga’s change in opinion of Anand felt quick and spontaneous, we have reasons to think it wasn’t so. Ganga has been watching Anand for a while now and she must have realised the extent he goes to, for his loved ones. Even though he doesn’t show any interest or respect towards Ganga, she knows with their marriage being planned, he could begin caring for her. If she sticks to this belief, it could turn out to be a big headache for Priyanka as it will see her lose one of her beloved pawns to the other side.

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However, things seem to be in Priyanka’s favour as there is no time for Ganga to build on her thoughts as Anand’s birthdate is fast approaching. Along with the birthday, comes their wedding date, which will be Priyanka’s big day of success. The evil sisters’ plan has been cooking for a year now, and it is high time they put an end to their drama. Once the marriage goes as per their plan, Ganga’s place at Trichambarath will finally be cemented. After this, she can start with Priyanka’s notions to destroy the family with ease.

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The chances of the marriage going through are really high this time around as Akhila seems to be fixated on the event. Without realising that she is being manipulated by Priyanka’s words, Akhila is determined to finish the marriage and thus kick Kalyani out of the family. However, Anand and the rest of the family’s disinterest could come into action at the event as there are still some chances of the marriage falling out. Let’s not also forget the fact that Akhila is also growing impatient regarding Ganga’s parents not having visited the Trichambarath yet.

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Now, there is a fifty percent chance that the marriage would actually go through, thanks to Akhila’s fixation. If this happens, it will be a big victory for Priyanka, but only if Ganga agrees to help her from then on. Her plans will all fall apart if Ganga chooses to side with Anand as she is currently having a soft side for Anand as he saved her from the police station.

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