Chembarathi: Will Anand be able to save his father from Priyanka?

In a shocking move, Priyanka puts Krishnan at gunpoint. Scroll down to read more!

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September 5, 2020


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We love the Malayalam serial Chembarathi, for its thrilling story along with the twists and turns. The show has us some of the best moments in its marriage ceremony episodes recently. The most awaited moments of Anand (Stebin Jacob) and Kalyani’s  (Amala Gireeshan) marriage is only seconds away but Anand is facing new challenges from Priyanka and Ganga.

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Anand instructs Subru and Aravind to use a smoke machine to distract the guests. He ties the thali at that moment without Akhila and Das’ knowledge. Anand returns to Thrichambarath for his marriage with Ganga and informs the police about a bomb planted in the hall. His prank turns out to be true when the bomb squad finds out a real bomb in the house.

Anand 9Source:ZEE5))
Will Anand marry Ganga? (Source: ZEE5)

Priyanka who had infiltrated the marriage hall pretending to be a guest figures out that her plan is going to fail. In a shocking move, she points the gun at Krishnan and tells Akhila that its time for her to become a widow. Anand and Aravind get confused with her move as Priyanka ask the priest to stop the marriage.

Priyanka threatens to kill Das (Source:ZEE5)
Priyanka threatens to kill Das (Source: ZEE5)

Priyanka also tells everyone gathered that she was going to destroy the entire Thrichambarath with the bomb and take her revenge. Akhila is also seen petrified by the sudden move, while her assistant Stella approaches with a handbag. What will Akhila do to save Krishnan from Priyanka?

Akhila's decision (source:ZEE5)
How will Akhila save Krishnan (Source: ZEE5)

The intense moments on Chembarathi are many unanswered questions in the audiences’ mind. Even if Krishnan is saved by Anand, Vilasini would recommend Akhila to continue Ganga’s marriage ceremony. Do you guys think Anand will be able to find a way out from this mess? Watch the next exciting episode of Chembarathi to find out!

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