Chembarathi: Will Akhila regret setting a crooked Vilasini free?

Akhila punished Vilasini to become the househelp instead of putting her in jail. Find out if she will regret this decision soon.

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January 28, 2021



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Earlier in Chembarathi, we saw Vilasini fail yet another one of her crooked plans and get punished for the same. Akhila, who was agitated by the actions, sentenced Vilasini to become the housekeeper as punishment for stealing the ancestral chain. Akhila went on to explain that she had the option to choose from either making her the maid or sending her to jail. To this, Vilasini replied, “it’s better to work here as a house help than going to jail”.

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In the last few episodes, we saw how this unfolded and it is very unsettling that the punishment fell short of everyone’s expectations. The first couple of days went fine as Aravind enforced Vilasini’s duties and it was fulfilling to see her do everything from wearing the maid’s clothes to cleaning the floor. Vilasini was made to do everything she used to pounce at Kalyani for. However, only a day or two later, she faked dizziness and even though Aravind nipped the childish plan in the bud, everyone almost forgot about the punishment instantly and stopped enforcing work on Vilasini.

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Now that Kalyani’s future at the house is in doubt, we realise how big a mistake Akhila committed by letting Vilasini free in the chain stealing case. Once Kalyani is out of the house, half of Vilasini’s work at Thrichambarath is done and all she must do is play along until Ganga is reinstated as the first daughter-in-law of the family. This will enforce Vilasini’s position in the house as Ganga’s accomplice and all she will have to do is to wait for the right time to get Akhila off the ruling seat in the family.

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We all know that Vilasini’s ultimate plan has always been to take over Akhila’s position and become the queen of Thrichambarath. With such an evil motive boiling in her mind, the day isn’t far enough when Akhila will realise how stupid she was to let this poisonous person free from punishment. Being the smart villain, it’s now a waiting game for Vilasini to involve Priyanka into the mix and plot a new plan to sabotage Akhila’s position, just like the last time they tried to get the Thrichambarath family arrested.

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The other option Akhila had in hand, was to forcefully send Vilasini back to her husband in Dubai and let her spend the rest of her life there. But instead of forcing it, she gave it as an alternate which Vilasini refused as her eyes were only on Akhila’s throne. Now that the story enters a more complex turn, even that feels like a sloppy error from Akhila. We will have to wait and find out, what the freed housekeeper will now come up with.

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