Chembarathi: What will Dasan’s face-off with Bhadra result in?

Now that Dasan knows all of Bhadra’s secrets, will he tell Akhila or try to save her daughter from getting caught? Let’s find out.

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February 27, 2021



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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, we saw Bhadra reveal a bit more about herself as we see her talk to someone on the phone. Luckily for everyone at Trichambarath, Dasan overhears Bhadra speaking on the phone and decides to confront her. He approaches Bhadra and questions her over her intentions. Dasan’s confrontation goes to waste as Bhadra decides to reveal her true self and threatens to kill him if he crosses her path again.

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Ever since Bhadra has entered Trichambarath, Dasan has been present in the mix. He even overhears Bhadra’s long and uncomfortable conversation with Aravind. While many workers would have let go in such a scenario, Dasan decided to step in. Being the loyal servant to Akhila and the Trichambarath family, he confronts Bhadra and tells her to leave. He tells her not to compromise her shame for the sake of money, to which she smirks and leaves.

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Now, Bhadra is currently on the path of vengeance. She has already declared that she wouldn’t leave Trichambarath without proving that Aravind is the father of her child. Even though Aravind denies it, she strongly believes in it. Dasan knows Bhadra’s plan inside out. Being the loyal servant that he is, he decides to side against Bhadra.

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However, Dasan is soon made aware of the bigger picture as Priyanka visits him at midnight to talk to him about Bhadra. She tells him that she is on the right side and he is being unethical. By now, Dasan has understood the big game cooking in hindsight and decides to continue his fight against it. He could simply go and inform Akhila about the same but he couldn’t as he realises that his daughter Kalyani is on the same page as Bhadra, and one day it could be her fighting for justice.

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As things are right now, there are chances that Dasan will go against all odds and inform the big picture to Akhila and thus kick Bhadra out of the family. But the possibility remains that he chooses to stay silent considering Kalyani’s relationship with Anand. As Dasan’s love for his daughter is put to fight against his ethical side, it will be interesting to wait and watch what he does next.

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