Chembarathi: What if Priyanka’s plan to start a feud between Anand and Aravind becomes successful?

As an infuriated Anand lashes out at Aravind without knowing its a trap, here’s what could happen at Trichambarath.

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February 10, 2021


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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, we saw Anand realise that the textile company has lost Rs 50 crores. He is later informed that Aravind signed the deal that led to this mishap. To top it off, Anand’s confrontation is taken lightly by Aravind who was busy playing a mobile game. We saw the situation escalate, leading to Anand destroying Aravind’s phone and releasing his rage on his inattentive behaviour. However, it is only later that we realise Priyanka is behind the act.

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Anand is enraged by Aravind’s carelessness and releases it on him without realising that it was a trap. The whole family including Akhila and Krishnan turns at Aravind and gives him a dose of their unhappiness. However, what the family didn’t realise was that they were walking right down the path that Priyanka had paved, for their destruction.

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The family’s unpleasant discharge makes Nandana unhappy. Understandably, she informs Aravind that the situation was humiliating for her. Aravind, being the innocent and forgiving person, tells her that he is fine with it. However, the damage is already done and Nandana’s mind begins to cloud with the hurt pride. Nandana’s rage is to be feared and we know this from the past.

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Now, the waters are all muddy at Trichambarath. Anand and Aravind, who have been the ideal brothers, are now on the verge of their relationship taking a bad turn. Even though Aravind realises that Anand’s anger was a quick reaction, it is possible that it might have hurt him a bit. Added with Nandana’s bad reaction, there are chances that he retaliates at Anand, though this is rare to happen.

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In another scenario, let’s consider that the two loving brothers talk and settle their differences. In this case, the problem seems solved, but a chance remains that Nandana, who is hurt by the incident, might hold a grudge about the same. With toxic people like Vilasini and Ganga around her who could manipulate her easily in such a position, the problem at hand feels deeper than it looks. As the whole family accepts the current problem, it is a waiting game to see who reacts first and how.

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