Chembarathi: The family of Trichambarath should really reconsider the authority they have handed to Akhila

Akhila’s mind is clouded by hate and this is affecting her decisions. With the marriage she set up falling apart, it is time that the family took control of the situation from her hands.

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April 17, 2021



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The Trichambarath family is going through a real emotional rollercoaster now and fans of Chembarathi know by now that Akhila has a huge part to play in this. From setting up the wedding functions to completely demotivating Kalyani, Akhila has played a big role in the family’s recent bunch of problems. She has done the same without realising how she was being played by Priyanka and her vengeful words. Akhila, not understanding the manipulation being played on her has led the whole family to such a situation and it is high time they ask if she is the right one to head the Trichambarath family.

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Now, the wedding coming crashing down indicates the fact that Akhila never really had a clear understanding of things around her. As much as the Trichambarath family members love her, it is understandable for them to agree that she worked in a dictatorial way. She held the marriage in the first place, just to safeguard her son after having listened to a toxic speech by her arch-rival. It was clear at that moment that all Akhila really cared about was the goodwill of the family and nothing else. Although strong, she is easily manipulated, and her ego is larger than the family’s values.

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We saw Priyanka surprising us all by arriving at the wedding hall. Although she was indirectly involved in setting up the whole plan to crash, she arrived with a bouquet and walked up straight to Akhila. She threatened to stop the wedding, (which eventually backfired); yet Akhila let her stay and even gave her a chance to explain after the police had arrived. This very incident was proof that Akhila’s clarity of things is at the worst point and it is affecting her decision-making skills.

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Now, talking about the most obvious reasons of all, Akhila is value-driven and she derives hate for others from the same set of family values. If we take Kalyani and Anand’s situation, everyone in the family except for Akhila is accepting of the relationship, yet it was impossible to openly admit it as Akhila’s fierce behaviour had everyone shivering about the same. Now that she knows the facts, it is a waiting game to see how she chooses to react. If Akhila doesn’t understand her self-destructive behaviour now, it’ll be in the best of interest that the whole family stands up against her and snatches the monopoly of power they had rested in her hands.

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