Chembarathi: Priyanka’s words could take a long toll on Akhila’s relationship with Kalyani

Akhila is now closer than ever to finding out Kalyani’s secret. Priyanka’s words are haunting her and here’s how it will affect her in the long run.

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March 22, 2021


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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, we saw Nimanjanam, the competition happen. The competition to find the ideal daughter-in-law for the Trichambarath family went well and Nandana came out as the winner of the same. In the meanwhile, Priyanka’s plans to sabotage the event and kill Nandana failed miserably. As a result of the same, the goon was caught giving enough evidence for Akhila to connect the dots involving Priyanka in the mix. Akhila’s visit to meet Priyanka seemed inevitable, but the outcome was surprising in many ways.

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Priyanka’s plan to send a goon to the event seemed smart but was bound to fail. Her plan of killing Nandana became a lost cause as the goon was attacked by a snake and rushed to the banks of the temple pond. He was soon arrested by the police, thus letting out parts of Priyanka’s involvement in the event. As infuriated as she was, Akhila headed to Priyanka’s den to have a conversation. Her anger led her to even draw a gun but Priyanka’s quick wit was immediately put to work, who turned it around by letting out some secrets to Akhila.

Akhila and Priyanka
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Priyanka found her way to safety as she revealed the secrets of the Trichamabarath family that Akhila isn’t aware of. Her revelations saved her some time as Akhila headed back home confused. Now, she has begun to connect the dots and is closer than ever to finding out about Kalyani and Anand’s marriage. Now, Guruji’s words haunt her, and Krishnan’s earlier request of making Kalyani their daughter-in-law rings in her ears. Once Akhila puts them all together, things could begin to go downhill at Trichamabarth.

Akhila and Priyanka
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Now, Akhila’s doubts over the conspiracy happening between her back are higher than ever. She is finally onto something and she can sense it. Whether she finds the secret or not now depends on how the others in the family react to her. Akhila currently knows that everyone including the Guruji is rooting for Kalyani. Meanwhile, Priyanka’s words that her family is betraying her are only making things worse. As of now, even if Akhila doesn’t catch Kalyani’s secret marriage with Anand, she could still begin to treat Kalyani with despise.

Akhila currently thinks of Kalyani as the sole cause of the recent problems arising at Trichambarath and this could lead to problems in the near future. Once she completely loses Akhila’s liking, surviving at Trichamabarath will become tough for Kalyani, thus forcing Anand to reveal their relationship. It all comes down to how Akhila chooses to react now and we can only wait and watch.

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