Chembarathi: Priyanka aims to destroy Akhila alone and not the Trichambarath family. Here’s proof

Priyanka arrives at Ganga and Anand’s wedding and threatens to stop the wedding from happening, confirming that her aim has always been to destroy Akhila.

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April 7, 2021



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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, we saw Priyanka surprising us all by arriving at the wedding hall. Although she was indirectly involved in setting up the whole plan, nobody really expected her to go to the wedding. She arrived with a bouquet and walked up straight to Akhila. It all seemed fine until Priyanka showed her real self by threatening to stop the marriage from happening. Akhila, who wasn’t scared by the threat asked her to stay in the hall and watch the wedding.

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We all know that the whole wedding fiasco that happened was part of Priyanka’s plan. Although distressed by the happenings at Trichambarath, Akhila would have never taken such an extreme step, if it wasn’t for the manipulative words of Priyanka. It was she who talked Akhila into marrying off Kalyani and securing Anand’s future with Ganga. Akhila didn’t think twice as her ego was hurt and took the largely arrogant decision of holding the two weddings on the same day.

Priyanka in Chembarathi
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Knowing Priyanka, we all believed that her plan was to see Anand and Ganga married. With this, she could ensure Ganga’s position in the family and could operate from inside Trichambarath without any fear. She could have planned and executed any evil moves using Ganga as a pawn, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Priyanka shocked almost all as she promised Akhila that she wouldn’t let this wedding happen. According to her, all she wants to do is break the wedding in between and humiliate Akhila before her guests.

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Priyanka in Chembarathi
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This is the ultimate proof that Priyanka’s target was always Akhila and never the Trichambarath family. It is fair to say that most of Priyanka’s plans in the past have been failures, but she sure was fixated on her motives. Let’s not forget the first time she crashed Anand’s wedding. All she did was to take Krishnan on gunpoint and embarrass Akhila, and not hurt anyone else. Similarly, her aim remains the same this time around. Priyanka is filled with a desire for vengeance and Akhila’s fall is all that matters to her.

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