Chembarathi March 02 Written update: Why does the SI call Anand?

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April 1, 2021



3 min


In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Akhila gets worried about Anand after he disobeys her. She lashes out at Sivaramakrishnan about the same. Later, Ganga feels happy when Priyanka shares the astrologer’s words with her.

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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, the police follow Ganga. The SI asks Ganga to step out of the car and arrests her. Ganga tries to threaten the SI. Ganga gets arrested for hit and run. Later, the SI refuses Ganga the right to a phone call. Ganga gets upset. The SI calls Ganga’s father after Ganga gives him a fake name. He questions Ganga’s fake father, Anil. The SI asks him to come to the police station. Meanwhile, Dasan shares his sorrows with his wife’s photograph. Aniyankuttan tells Dasan that Kalyani doesn’t want to get married. Dasan scolds Aniyankuttan, but Nandana interferes.

Dasan tells Nandana that he fears that Kalyani may remain unmarried. Nandana consoles him. Meanwhile, Priyanka gets worried when Ganga gets late. She is unable to reach Ganga on her phone. Later, Anil Menon arrives at the police station with his wife. The SI asks them about Ganga. They tell the police officer that they have no such daughter. Anil spills the truth about Ganga’s identity when the SI questions them. He gets Anil and his wife locked up. The SI asks Ganga for the truth. Ganga lies to them and gets locked up in jail. Later, Anand gets a call from the SI. The SI tells Anand that Ganga has been locked up and the stunt man who jumped before her car is safe. Anand requests the SI to get more details from her. Vilasini gets a call from Priyanka asking for Ganga. Vilasini tells Priyanka that she is unaware. Vilasini meets Akhila and informs her about the same. She tells Vilasini that Ganga has been abducted. 


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