Chembarathi: Looks like Akhila values Nandana no more than Kalyani now!

Akhila values family traditions more than anything and thus is disapproving of Kalyani as her daughter-in-law. Having supported the latter, she is currently falling out with Nandana too.

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April 22, 2021


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In Chembarathi, the skies seem to have cleared a bit but some problems still remain. It is safe to say that Akhila was a major catalyst in this series of issues. From setting up the wedding function that was bound to fail to disapproving Kalyani as her daughter-in-law, Akhila currently stands as the villain at Trichambarath. However, considering that the whole family kept some big secrets from Akhila, it is not right to completely trash her on the decisions she’s been making. Now, that Kalyani is finally at Trichambarath as a daughter-in-law it is a waiting game to see how she fits in.

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Akhila is value-driven and her anger is explainable in that manner. She is currently thriving on the hate she derived from the family values being broken. Everyone in the family except for Akhila is accepting of the relationship, yet thanks to Akhila’s fierce and authoritative behaviour, it is tough for everyone to act normal about it. We have seen her snap over the same issue multiple times in the past and we can all feel she is about to explode any moment now. Even while welcoming the newlyweds, she had some harsh words to spare that spoke her mind.

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For Akhila, an ideal daughter-in-law is one who is completely in unison with the family values and structure. She wants someone who obeys her and the gods. Now, both Kalyani and Nandana are in complete agreement to this. But, according to Akhila, they both seem to have some negatives which she dislikes. Now, Kalyani is someone Anand picked for himself without considering the family values. Although she is too ideal for the role, Akhila will never accept her as a member of the prestigious Trichambarath family.

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Nandana on the other hand was someone Akhila accepted as her daughter-in-law with a smile on her face. But currently, it doesn’t seem to go well with her too. Akhila likes people who follow her words and Nandana is far from it. She has her own set of values and beliefs. Nandana was one of the lasts to know about Anand and Kalyani’s marriage, yet decided to stick with it and help them in the matter. Even standing up to Akhila, she was ready to invite Kalyani into the family. It is clear that Akhila is disapproving of such actions and this may have taken a toll on her relationship with Nandana. Let’s also not forget the time Nandana demanded a separate stake in the company for Aravind, which sat badly with Akhila.

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Although currently against her, Akhila does like Kalyani and we know that from her past actions. Her anger is all caused by circumstances and has nothing to do with Kalyani as a person. Due to the same circumstances, she has fallen out with Nandana and it is clear that she doesn’t value her any more than Kalyani at the moment. We can only wait and watch to see if it changes anytime soon.

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