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Chembarathi: List of all the times Nandana speaks for us

Tom Francis

October 8, 2020

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These moments explain why Nandana is the boldest character on Malayalam serial Chembarathi.

Be it about her relationship with Aravind or status at Thrichambarath, Nandana is known to be someone who speaks her mind whenever she is questioned. Whatever be the situation, Nandana makes sure that her opinions are heard and questions answered. Her peculiar character and bold decisions have made her an all-time favourite of  Chembarathi fans. For those who like the bold and beautiful Blessy Kurien aka Nandana, here are 4 moments where she showed us that it is important to be vocal about your opinions.

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1. Nandana lashes out at Akhila

Nandana leaves Thrichamabarath (Source:ZEE5)
Nandana leaves Thrichamabarath (Source: ZEE5)

Nandana is known to be one who always avoids drama. She hates the fact that Thrichambarath always has to go through Akhila’s decisions before doing anything. Nandana loses her temper when she figures out that Akhila decided to give Aravind’s managing director post to Anand.

She starts yelling at Akhila and even called out Krishnan for always being Akhila’s puppet. Nandana gave us one of the most intense moments on the show when she threw the resignation papers on Akhila’s face before leaving the house.

2. Nandana rejects Vilasini’s help

Nandana throws the resignation letter in Akhila's face (Source:ZEE5)
Nandana throws the resignation letter on Akhila’s face (Source: ZEE5)

When Nandana returns after her long break to Thrichambarath, she is made subject to Vilasini’s crooked plans again. Nandana figures out that Vilasini is enjoying the show after brainwashing her and tells her that she doesn’t need her help. Nandana showed us that she is a strong decision-maker and she doesn’t need to side with anyone to live at Thrichambarath.

3. Anand gets to know Nandana’s opinion

Nandana lashes out at Anand (source:ZEE5)
Nandana lashes out at Anand (Source: ZEE5)

Anand tries to make Aravind and Nandana’s relationship better by advising them. Nandana gets angry at Anand’s suggestions and tells him that he is the reason behind all the trouble in her life. Anand is left speechless as there is truth in Nandana’s opinions when she tells him that he is sacrificing his family’s happiness while being selfish with Kalyani.

4. Nandana corrects Maheshwari

Nandana tells Maheshwari that she loves Aravind (source:ZEE5)
Nandana tells Maheshwari that she loves Aravind (Source: ZEE5)

Nandana is never afraid to correct the ones who are wrong, even if it is her own mother. When Maheshwari tells her that she is planning on destroying Thrichambarath by asking for the partition, Nandana replies that it is wrong of her to think about it. Nandana makes her point clear by saying that she is only at Thrichambarath for Aravind and her mother shouldn’t be the one to make decisions for her.

Isn’t Nandana the boldest character on the Malayalam serial Chembarathi? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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