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Chembarathi June 30 Written Update: Akhila gets worried


June 30, 2021

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Akhila gets worried. To know what happens next on Chembarathi Watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Jayanthi suspects Vilasini while Nandana fails to brainwash Anand. Elsewhere, Sivaramakrishnan’s hateful words upset Akhila. The Swamiji arrives at Trichambarath.

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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, the Guruji’s words worry Akhila but Sivaramakrishnan consoles her. Vilasini meets Priyanka’s uncle, Giriraja Varma. She is overjoyed to learn that he wants to take revenge against Akhila and decides to team up with him. Vilasini returns home after her meeting. Jayanthi approaches her to know the details but Vilasini ignores her. Later, Jayanthi shares the details of Guruji’s visit to Trichambarath

When Vilasini meets Akhila, Akhila questions her. Vilasini tells Akhila that Jayanthi informed her about Guruji’s visit. Vilasini scares Akhila. Akhila tells Vilasini that she is feeling tired. Vilasini puts the blame on Kalyani. Meanwhile, Priyanka gets a call from a stranger who threatens her. Priyanka realises that he is the same guy who used to call her and Ganga. The caller tells Priyanka that she will need his help to execute her plans. Later, Ganga meets Giriraja Varma and appreciates his efforts that led to Priyanka and Ganga escaping from the hands of law. 

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