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Chembarathi July 14 Written Update: Sivaramakrishnan consoles Kalyani


July 16, 2021

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Sivaramakrishnan consoles Kalyani. To know what happens next on Chembarathi Watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Akhila is devastated when Sivaramakrishnan suspects her. Vilasini is left stunned on finding Ganga immersed in a puja when she arrives at Priyanka’s house. She grows suspicious of Ganga. 

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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, Nandana reprimands Aravind for his actions. She tells Aravind that his actions must have caused harm to Akhila. Aravind apologises to Nandana for his mistakes. She encourages him to apologise to Akhila for his actions. Anand agrees to do so. Elsewhere Priyanka wonders what has happened to Anand. Sreenivas tells her that Akhila must have gotten him killed. Priyanka gets suspicious of Akhila. Sreenivas warns Priyanka and tells her that the police might suspect her once they find out that Anand is missing. He also asks her to warn Ganga.
Akhila speaks to her inner self. Akhila’s inner self mocks her and calls her a failure. Akhila convinces her inner self that her decisions were always right and that she has not made any mistakes but Akhila is unable to answer her inner self’s questions about Anand. Akhila stands dumbstruck. Meanwhile, Aniyankuttan consoles Kalyani and tries to tell her that Anand will call. Sivaramakrishnan visits Kalyani and tries to console her. Kalyani feels like Anand is in great danger and thinks of committing suicide. Later, Sivaramakrishnan meets Nandana and reassures her that Anand is safe. 

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