Chembarathi January 21 Written Update: Kalyani avoids Anand’s calls

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January 20, 2021



2 min


In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Aniyankuttan criticises Kalyani for avoiding Anand. Everyone feels happy when Vilasini gets appointed as the new house help. Later, Aravind teaches Vilasini a lesson. 

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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, Vilasini tries to put Jayanthi to work with her as well. Aravind keeps irritating Vilasini and gives her more work. Vilasini gets worried about losing her beauty in the sun. Vilasini tells Aravind to stop being lame. Aravind threatens to inform Akhila about her behaviour. Vilasini agrees to listen to Aravind. Later, she makes Jayanthi her assistant. Vilasini sends Jayanthi to take water from the well and starts to wash the clothes. Aravind opens the grill of the well for Jayanthi to make her job easier. 

Vilasini gets upset about performing the chores. She finds Akhila’s saree and finishes her anger on the saree. She washes the saree with all her might. Meanwhile, Anand tries to call Kalyani to speak with her but Kalyani avoids Anand’s call. Aniyankuttan approaches Kalyani and tells her that her behaviour is unacceptable. Kalyani ignores his words. Meanwhile, Aravind goes to check on Vilasini and Jayanthi. He tells them that he might have to approach Akhila and have to complain about them. Elsewhere, Anand is unable to concentrate on the meeting. He wonders why Kalyani is not picking up his call. 

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