Chembarathi January 15 Written Update: Dasan returns the ancestral chain to Akhila

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January 14, 2021



3 min


In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Anand consoles Kalyani when she gets worried for Dasan. Vilasini shuns Jayanthi when she questions her. Later, Nandana’s words about Kalyani leave Akhila shocked.

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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, Anand searches the car in which Vilasini travels. Anand snatches Vilasini’s purse from her and finds the ancestral chain. Anand asks Vilasini why she is trying to hurt Kalyani. He threatens to call the police. Vilasini pleads with Anand to not call the police. Anand leaves without a word. He meets Dasan and hands over the chain to Dasan. Dasan is stunned when Anand gets him the chain. Anand asks Dasan to return the chain to Akhila. Jayanthi and Ganga tell Vilasini that they had warned her about the chain. Later, Vilasini tells Jayanthi and Ganga that the chain that she gave Anand was a duplicate and that she had done it on purpose. She also adds that Anand and Kalyani’s photo is in the locket of the chain. Vilasini shares her plans with Ganga and Jayanthi. Ganga is overjoyed to hear her plan. They decide to wait and watch what is about to happen. 

Aravind and Nandana discuss about Vilasini stealing the chain from the outhouse. Meanwhile, Vilasini walks in and asks them about the serious discussion. Aravind shares his doubts about Vilasini with Nandana. Dasan approaches them at the time. Dasan tells them that he found the chain. Later, Akhila approaches Dasan and asks him about the chain. Dasan tells Akhila that he found the chain lying under the cupboard. He hands over the chain to Akhila. Sivaramakrishnan also joins them. Akhila inspects the chain. Vilasini tells Akhila that the chain has lost its shine. She suggests that they call a goldsmith and polish the chain before keeping it safe. Akhila agrees with her and asks Vilasini to summon the goldsmith. Later, Akhila opens the locket in the chain and finds her ancestor’s picture in it. Meanwhile, Dasan shares his worries with his wife’s photograph. Kalyani approaches Dasan and asks him about his health. Dasan tells Kalyani that the thought about Akhila not trusting him anymore made him a little worried.

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