Chembarathi January 14 Written Update: Akhila reprimands Nandana when she questions her

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January 14, 2021



3 min


In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Vilasini’s words scare Ganga. Meanwhile, Aravind consoles Dasan when he is unable to find the ancestral chain, and gets upset about it. Later, Akhila criticises Anand for seconding Dasan. 

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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, Kalyani arrives home and asks Dasan about his health. Anand tries to hide the truth about Dasan’s situation from Kalyani. He tells Kalyani that Dasan was a little unwell and they came to visit him. Sivaramakrishnan tells Dasan to take care of himself and leaves. Kalyani approaches Dasan and asks him about the matter. Dasan ignores Kalyani’s question and leaves. Later, Dasan goes to the temple and shares his worries with God. He feels upset on reminiscing Akhila’s words.

On seeing Vilasini dressed up, Jayanthi approaches Vilasini  and asks her as to where she was going. But as usual  Vilasini reprimands .Jayanthi. Ganga approaches Vilasini and shares her worries. She tells Vilasini that the matter about the ancestral chain has been giving her sleepless nights. She fears that if Akhila finds out about the chain then they will fall in trouble. Vilasini tells Ganga that she has found a goldsmith to get rid of the chain. Ganga is stunned on hearing her words. Later, Vilasini tells Ganga that she is going to make the goldsmith melt the chain and make other jewellery with the same. Jayanthi asks Vilasini if she can accompany her. Vilasini declines her request.

Nandana meets Aravind and tells her that she is suspicious of Vilasini. Aravind is stunned on hearing Nandana’s words. Aravind tries to get more information from her. She tells Aravind that Vilasini has stolen the chain to put Kalyani in a fix. She also adds that Akhila has some plan as the family has no tradition of taking back something that has been given away in charity. Nandana decides to speak to Akhila to save Kalyani and the roots of Trichambaram so that an innocent Kalyani’s curse doesn’t ruin their family. Nandana meets Akhila and speaks with her. Nandana questions Akhila. Akhila gets infuriated and tells her to leave. Meanwhile, Vilasini spots Anand when she is about to leave. Vilasini gets worried. She asks him why he blocked her way. She offers him a lift. Anand questions Vilasini and asks her to get out of the car. Anand searches the car while Vilasini holds on to the purse that contains the ancestral chain.

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