Chembarathi: Is Ganga planning to kill Anand?

In a sudden move, Ganga points Akhila’s gun at Anand. Scroll down to see what happens next in this thrilling video.

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August 19, 2020


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Don’t we all miss the fun and exciting brand ambassador competition episodes of Chembarathi? Kalyani (Amala Gireeshan) is determined to win the competition as Akhila declares the winner to be Anand’s bride. In an interesting turn of events, Ganga (Haritha Nair) who is more qualified and educated than Kalyani loses her prize. Kalyani’s determination to win Anand’s hand in marriage leaves everyone amazed. But things don’t end well as Akhila goes back on her word and slaps Kalyani. If you had missed this intense episode of Chembarathi, here is your chance to re-watch it!

Missed out on this exciting episode of the Malayalam serial Chembarathi? Watch it here:

Like Anand (Stebin Jacob), we also were stunned to see this happen, but Ganga comes out as a winner as she outsmarts Anand. An infuriated Akhila points her gun at Ganga to kill her as she disappointed her by losing to the housemaid. Ganga in a sudden move takes the gun from Akhila and points it towards Anand.

Ganga points a gun at Anand(Source:ZEE5)
Ganga points a gun at Anand (Source: ZEE5)

Worried for Anand’s life, Akhila asks Ganga to explain her behaviour. Ganga changes the topic and tells Akhila that she was defeated in the competition because of Anand. She calls out Anand for supporting Kalyani instead of her and starts crying.

Ganga threatens to kill herself (Source:ZEE5)
Ganga threatens to kill herself (Source: ZEE5)

Ganga’s drama continues as she moves the gun to her own head and threatens to kill herself. In order to win Akhila’s (Thara Kalyan) sympathy, Ganga makes the best use of the situation and says that she is going to kill herself as she has disappointed Akhila. Ganga’s drama wins Akhila’s heart and she makes her Anand’s bride, thus destroying Kalyani’s hope for a future with Anand. Later, Ganga reveals to Vilasini that it was Priyanka’s back up plan from the beginning to win Akhila’s heart.

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