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Chembarathi: Is Dasan secretly happy about Kalyani’s marriage with Anand?

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April 23, 2021

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On Chembarathi, Dasan says he would respect Kalyani and Anand’s marriage once Akhila approves it, hinting that he is okay with it.

In Chembarathi, Kalyani has finally become a proper member of the Trichambarath family and we couldn’t be happier. However, there are two people who are extremely displeased by this, with one being Akhila and the other being Dasan. Akhila’s anger and sadness are explainable as she only wanted to watch her family values be respected. Instead of listening to her, Anand secretly married Kalyani and kept it a secret from her and this is a solid reason for her displeasure. But, what about Dasan? If we think about it, his daughter is now married to a loving man from a rich and prestigious family. So, is it possible that he is happy with this? let’s have a look.

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Dasan is a character with a heart of gold and he is lovable in every way. He has proven multiple times that he is a loving father. Although he often scolds Kalyani and fights with her, it is only because he has his reasons. Dasan has always been a servant of the Trichambarath family and is loyal to them. For the longest time now, we have heard him try talking Kalyani out of this relationship with Anand as he considers it to be a disrespectful act towards his masters. He cares for his daughter, but at the same time doesn’t want her to cause any problems at the family which has taken care of him all this while.

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He never knew that Anand and Kalyani were married, and this had a big role to play in his speeches. Thinking that the duo is only in a relationship, he tried to talk Kalyani out of it. During one of these talks, we also saw him tell her that he doesn’t want her to be heartbroken, proving that he still cared for her. Although he never said it out loud, he cared for his daughter and somewhere wanted this relationship to work too. Let’s not forget the time when Dasan faked a heartache to distract Akhila from finding a photograph of Anand and Kalyani.

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Most recently, we saw him receive Kalyani at the outhouse with some harsh words for marrying Anand. But in between this, he also made it clear that he would accept the marriage once Akhila approves it. By now, it is understood that Dasan no longer has a problem with the marriage but is still holding back due to Akhila’s disapproval of the same. Reassuring this, Dasan happily eats the sweets Kalyani brought for him and leaves without a word. Now that even Dasan is showing positive support to Anand and Kalyani’s relationship, only Akhila remains a major problem for the couple.

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