Chembarathi: How would Kalyani’s life change if Akhila and Dasan learn about her secret marriage with Anand?

Akhila and Dasan are closer than ever to finding out Kalyani’s big secret. Check out how Kalyani’s life could turn upside down once the news of her marriage is out.

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March 26, 2021



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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, we saw Akhila set up a marriage plan for Kalyani and surprise everyone. Not knowing the fact that Kalyani is already married to her son, Akhila invited Rishi to Trichambarath to meet Kalyani and propose marriage. While Akhila imposed the decision, Dasan being the obedient servant of the family hums in agreement with her decision. Akhila is overjoyed by her idea to get Kalyani away from her son. Meanwhile, Dasan is sad yet decides to joins in anyway.

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For months now, Dasan has been confronting Kalyani regarding her relationship with Anand. From time to time, he keeps asking her to forget Anand and at times insults her over the same. Dasan’s lessons and advice go in vain as he is unaware that she is already married and not fooling around. Unaware of this, he tries his best to make her understand the grave danger in such a relationship which he thinks she is mindfully ignoring.

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Meanwhile, Akhila keeps learning newer things about what’s happening behind her back and moves closer to finding out Kalyani’s secret. She is also unaware of the secret marriage and keeps acting on the assumption that her son and Kalyani are in a relationship. Now that she has finally heard about the same from her arch-rival Priyanka’s mouth, it seems inevitable that she will try her best to get rid of Kalyani at Trichambarath.

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Now, Akhila’s plan to marry off Kalyani will turn out to be a disaster if it keeps going on the same path. Akhila is currently forcing her decisions upon others and this is succeeding only because Anand is away from the family. Once he is back, things could get rough as he might choose to blast out against the decision and blurt away the truth. Once the details of the secret marriage are out, things will remain to be safe for Anand but not so much for Kalyani.

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Although Kalyani is treated as a family member by most people at Trichambarath, it is not a great bond to put confidence on. The news of the marriage could cause Kalyani to lose her place at Trichambarath. What’s more frightening is the fact that Akhila’s anger could even lead to Dasan losing his job. Akhila is inevitably trying to get Anand to break off the marriage and get married to Ganga. Meanwhile, such news could break Dasan. As virtuous as he is, Dasan might find it hard to believe that his daughter kept such a big secret from him all this while.

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Once the secret is out, the chances of Kalyani remaining in the family are very low. While Kalyani’s expelling from the family seems like a real possibility, the chances of Anand being disowned remain high too. Either way, the news will cause an explosion within the family bringing in some major changes affecting the peace of the family. Kalyani’s life will change forever, and it is a waiting game to see who all supports her in such a low situation.

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