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Chembarathi: Here’s why Vilasini could prove to be more dangerous now compared to the past

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April 27, 2021

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With competition on the rise for power at Trichambarath, here’s why Vilasini could be a bigger threat now.

Fans of Chembarathi know by now that Vilasini is someone who never gives up. Despite being clearly an underachieving villain, she keeps trying. We have all seen Vilasini come up with new plans and fail multiple times a row, up until now but her evil plans keep on coming. Often sidelined as a fool, she isn’t considered to be scary by anyone at Trichambarath. But, as the tides seem to have changed, we have begun to see some character development in Vilasini too. There are chances that the family undermining Vilasini right now could backfire.

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Vilasini has always been the goofy one among the villains in Chembarathi. Keeping Jayanthi aside, no other villain has made us laugh as much as her. However, she wasn’t always about goofs and laughs. Vilasini has had her fair share of great moments and has taken them well too. Let’s not forget that she even almost broke Akhila with her words. Having the ability to talk her out of anything, Vilasini has been a nuisance in the Trichambarath family for the longest time.

Vilasini in Chembarathi
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Evil plans are always cooking in Vilasini’s head and it keeps on coming. We do have to admire her adamant nature that she embraces even after failing numerous times. Although she still lives at Trichambarath, her losses have always come at some cost. She currently has no respect from anyone in the family and is treated merely like a roach they are forced to live with. From Anand slapping her to Akhila silencing her from time to time, she is ill-treated.

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In a recent episode, we even saw Kalyani stand up to her, adding to the number of people who give almost no respect to her. However, we couldn’t help but notice that ever since Anand brought Kalyani to Trichambarath as his wife, something has changed in Vilasini. We believe that this change for the worse is resulting from her greed for power. Fans of Chembarathi know well that Vilasini is all for clinching the throne from Akhila. She is greedy for power and it is everything she really cares about. While Kalyani’s entry as a member of the family means different things for different members, it means more competition for Vilasini.

Vilasini in Chembarathi
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From siding with Priyanka to helping Ganga with her plans, Vilasini always wanted to see Akhila’s downfall and nothing else. According to her, once Akhila falls, the family will look for someone as powerful to take the throne and she will take it by force. Now that Kalyani has come in as a competitor, Vilasini could channel her greed and anger all the more. Most recently, we saw Vilasini give a fiery speech to manipulate Akhila on the eve of Anand’s wedding and she almost managed to trap Akhila with her words. This was the ultimate hint that Vilasini is changing for the worse and the day isn’t far when she will go with all guns blazing for the destruction of the family.

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