Chembarathi: Here’s why the Trichambarath family needed someone like Pookalam Varavayi’s Ashokan

People at Trichambarath are facing a lot of troubles from Priyanka and Vilasini as they somehow manage to escape every time they get caught. Here’s why someone like Ashokan would have been of great help to sustain peace in the family.

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April 5, 2021



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The Trichambarath family in Chembarathi has some of the strongest characters on TV. From Akhilandeshwari to her son Anand, the family seems well off when it comes to people capable of leading the way. However, problems aren’t new for the family and they keep finding themselves in some odd situations occasionally. As strong as they are, the family has haters too and these villainous beings are often the reason the family struggles to find peace. Although strong, the Trichambarath family has a forgiving side and that probably is their weakness now. We can only wonder what would have been if they had a family member like Ashokan from  Pookalam Varavayi.

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Ashokan is not the smartest person but he sure is strong. A loving person at heart, Ashokan’s upbringing and past traumas have led him to become a true fighter. His willpower and mental strength make him arguably the strongest character on the show. He knows his rights and is unafraid to act out what he wishes. We saw this recently when he returned to Kalapurackal and did everything he could to help his brother, although he received just hate in return. His quick comeback into the family proved that he is all heart and would do anything to protect his loved ones.

Ashokan in Pookalam varavayi
Ashokan in Pookalam Varavayi (Source: ZEE5)

The Trichambarath family is now facing several problems. Although most of them are caused by misunderstandings, there are some caused by the evil forces around them. From Akhila’s arch-villain Priyanka to the ambitious Vilasini, the list of people continually causing troubles for the family goes on. The family is aware of the same as these wicked souls have been caught in action multiple times, yet somehow, they manage to escape. For instance, Priyanka has tried to kill Krishnan more than once and yet still roams free as her punishments were never dealt with the due seriousness by Akhila or Anand.

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Unlike Akhila and Anand, who are the strongest characters at Trichambarath, Ashokan doesn’t have a forgiving heart. He has lived his life in hardships caused by people who he now considers his enemies. Although not crazy enough to go out on a killing spree like the other villains, Ashokan never forgave anyone in his life and he is unafraid to take things up with them. Unlike Anand who indulged in a dialogue with Priyanka after she kidnapped Krishnan, Ashokan would have somehow made sure that she doesn’t repeat the actions.

Ashokan in Pookalam varavayi
Ashokan in Pookalam varavayi (Source: ZEE5)

Although all three of these characters are daring, Anand and Akhila’s composed minds hold them back. Meanwhile, Ashokan’s rampant behaviour would only end at the destruction of the villain and that would, in turn, bring peace, which is his ultimate aim. Although Aravind is a lovable presence in the Trichambarath family, we think that someone like Ashokan would have simply saved the family from a lot of troubles rather than causing a few more like the former.

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