Chembarathi: Here’s why Priyanka’s evil plan is only going to make the Nimanjanam more complicated

With the Nimanjanam finally happening, Priyanka is assigning a goon to kill Nandana off. As the competition proceeds, there are more chances of this plan backfiring than succeeding.

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March 17, 2021



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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, we saw the beginning of Nimanjanam, the competition to find the ideal daughter-in-law. Now that the competition is finally happening, things seemed like falling into place as Nandana could easily win it to safeguard her and Kalyani’s position in the family. However, Priyanka seems to have different plans as she is busy setting up a death trap for Nandana at the competition. While the chances of her succeeding are very low, it’s more likely to add to the confusion around the competition.

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With the Nimanjanam underway, Priyanka assigns a goon with the task of killing Nandana. As the competition happens underwater, she tells him to remain submerged in the temple pond and kill Nandana with a knife, and escape. While the intention seems clear as attacking Nandana would simply instate Ganga as the ideal daughter-in-law, the plan will most likely fail.

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Once the competition begins, the goon will try to kill Nandana while Ganga gets all the time in the world to retrieve the crystal Sivalingam. As easy as it sounds, problems are bound to rise even if this plan works out. The competition will be happening underwater, thus any attack is sure to show signs of blood in the water, alarming everyone watching. Any such attack will merely force a stop to the competition. If the goon succeeds, the competition result will be annulled even if Ganga comes out as the winner.

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According to Kalyani, both Nandana and Ganga aren’t good at swimming, which means their chances of finding the submerged crystal Sivalingam are very low. As of now, the competition will happen as a token gesture for Guruji’s wish and it is less likely to make a serious claim on who the ideal daughter-in-law is. Let’s not forget that only Akhila is in support of the competition as Kalyani is not taking part.

Even if the competition happens according to plans, the result is only going to bring in more confusion rather than solving them. However, Priyanka’s plan to sabotage the event and kill Nandana is sure to make things worse if succeeded. Let’s wait and watch what happens next.

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